Peter Sandhill

Peter Sandhill

Peter Sandhill – Workshop Leader

Welcome to the website dedicated to the inspiring career of Peter Sandhill. Mr. Sandhill has had a wonderful career dedicated to helping and inspiring others in order to reach their full potential. He comes from Sydney, Australia and is a personal development workshop leader, life coach, counselor and educator. With a master’s degree in International Management, he has had the opportunity to take his career and skills to Japan, Australia, and the US.

Peter Sandhill is known for his transformational ‘Love, Intimacy & Sexuality’ workshops for the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) in USA, Europe, UK, Canada and Australia. He has been involved in the men’s movement in Australia and the US for most of his life as an adult. His workshop “Joy of Being a Man” workshop is offered in USA, Australia, and England.

Peter Sandhill has been drawn to and fascinated by human motivation and the dynamics of diverse cultures. For over twenty years he has taken on the role as a motivational facilitator to inspire individuals. He has developed over 500 development programs for leadership and personal development that are focused on effective communication, personal effectiveness & potency, trust & honesty, transformation, and productive interpersonal relationships. Sandhill is an experienced counselor who has given a lot of time and dedication to be a:

  • Couples counselor/relationship counselor
  • Life coach
  • Interpersonal relationship coaching engagements
  • Facilitator, mediator and personal guide

After years of experience in these areas Peter Sandhill has been dedicated to creating a world of leaders and helping individuals transform themselves into their best selves. Sandhill has been a dedicated entrepreneur and business owner for most of his life and has been successful in teaching and motivating people to be their best selves. To learn more about Peter Sandhill and the workshops he offers check out his blog.

The blog will be updated regularly with helpful tips and trips that will allow you to unlock your inner leader. What you will learn is that confidence is critical to success. Often times, confidence comes through preparation. When a person has a clear understanding of the objectives they are looking to achieve, achieving them becomes that much easier. Mr. Sandhill is excited you have found this site and hopes you come back often for the latest news and insights.