Peter Sandhill

Peter Sandhill Discusses The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Many Americans will at one point seek out new ways to improve their health, wellness, and quality of life. While many people associate wellness with only physical health, wellness can span into various health categories, including intellectual, occupational, and emotional health. Peter Sandhill, a longtime proponent of comprehensive wellness and public speaker, has practiced the seven dimensions of wellness for several years and has spoken at public events on the many benefits of incorporating wellness into daily life.  Today, Peter Sandhill will discuss the seven dimensions of wellness and how they can drastically improve different facets of a person’s life. 

Physical – A concept that covers a wide variety of health-conscious behaviors, including frequent exercise, healthy eating and nutrition, receiving regular medical checkups, and prioritizing health, as well as staying away from activities that could potentially cause bodily harm. 

Emotional – Emotional well-being is perhaps one of the most sought-after wellness goals and requires daily practice and acceptance of all emotions, including anger and sadness. This category often encompasses self-esteem, self-acceptance, remaining optimistic in high-stress situations, and possessing the ability to be open and share our feelings in relationships. 

Intellectual – It can be a challenge to continue to explore our intellect when we leave school or college. We must continue to stimulate our minds as much as we do our bodies and emotions to keep an overall healthy mindset. Through a commitment to learning, we can continue improving our minds and developing an appreciation for new topics and perspectives. 

Social – Humans are social creatures and require relationships to feel fulfilled and supported in our daily lives. To fully appreciate these relationships, we must continue to work on communication skills, develop empathy and intimacy with our partners, nurture new and old relationships, and support our friends and family. 

Spiritual – By possessing a set of guiding beliefs, values, or principles, a person can develop a more fulfilling direction in one’s life. Spiritual wellness is an openness to seeking out meaning and a new purpose in life, as well as a commitment to one’s individual beliefs. 

Environmental – Environmental wellness is the concept of considering the environmental health of our planet and how our actions can directly affect the stability of the earth. By forming daily habits that can help reduce our carbon footprint and limit the use of harmful plastics, we can build social responsibility and help protect our environment. 

Occupational – We dedicate a large portion of our day to our jobs and vocations and subsequently receive much of our satisfaction from completing tasks and improving performance. Occupational wellness is directly connected to a person’s attitude about this work; it is crucial to make use of your gifts and talents to find happiness and enrichment in life.

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