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Peter Sandhill Discusses the Positive Habits of Healthy Relationships

Romantic relationships are hard work and require both parties to commit not only to each other but to growing as individuals. Whether this is your first relationship or you’re currently married,  there are steps that can help all types of couples take to help grow and strengthen their relationship. For many years, Peter Sandhill has helped couples in the USA, Europe, Australia, UK, and Canada resolve issues within their relationship through his ‘Love, Intimacy & Sexuality’ seminar. Today, Peter Sandhill will discuss some of the most positive habits couples can form to help build a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Create Boundaries 

One of the most common reasons that relationships end is that a partner believes that the problems in the relationship have grown too great to fix. This is often caused by one partner trying to keep the peace or avoid confrontation. When a person bites their tongue when they are upset, they do not stop being upset about the issue, but their partner will never know that the particular action crosses a boundary. To build a healthy and open channel of communication between partners, both parties must be honest during confrontations and strive to resolve all feelings of resentment. 

Recognize Your Own Emotional Responsibility 

Oftentimes, people in relationships may find it more challenging to continue to grow as an individual. However, this does not mean that people in relationships do not have a responsibility to work on bad habits and take charge of their own emotional well-being. Some of the most common dysfunctional behaviors that present in relationships are poor emotional intelligence, defensiveness, and bad communication. It is safe to assume that everyone has a vague understanding of what area they need to improve, and if not, individuals are encouraged to seek out feedback from their current partner or exes. 

Remember to Have Fun 

Relationships should not always be about responsibilities and work. It is important to remember to have fun with your partner and keep a playful attitude throughout your relationship. During the beginning of relationships, couples will more often go on dates and vacations together; however, it is essential to continue these healthy practices throughout the later years of a relationship as well. Studies have found that couples who possess a strong sense of humor and prioritize fun have a stronger relationship during tough times and can work through stress and relationship issues more efficiently. When you and your partner are working through a difficult time, try surprising them with a fun activity or telling them a funny story to help you and your partner reconnect with the playful side of your relationship.

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